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Talk about fast shipping and quality support. I was not too sure about which vape to go with but after calling them and reading their reviews it made my decision ten times easier. I ended up getting one for the house and one for the go. The shipping was fast and discrete also the free grinder just made it better. Thank you guys for all your help!!

Being a first time vaporizer user, I didn’t know which vaporizer to purchase. There were so many different types some that were like vape pens and other that were for at home. I called and spoke to Chris over at Dtx and ended up purchasing a Davinci vaporizer. I’ve had it for about three weeks now and it has been great. I can take it with me wherever I go, it easily fits into my purse. Now I am looking into buying one for the house and do not know what to get, guess I should call chris and see whats best!

Just bought a Volcano from these guys. The customer service was really good. When I first received my package it was discreetly packed and just had the mailing address on the outside. Opening the box felt like Christmas again. I bought the Volcano digital with the solid valve because I felt I could get more from the solid valve and it will save me money in the long run compared to the easy valve.

All in all I was happy with the purchase and received it within a few days of ordering it. The guy on the phone was very helpful in guiding me on how to set-up the solid valve since I was struggling a bit. I recommend this vape site to all my friends and family. Also got a cool 15% off the Volcano which no other site offered and dropped the price to nearly $600 which is better than $700.

Just got my all new atmos raw after some long debating. Its the sickest pen out there. I keep one of my chambersĀ for herbs and the other for oils so I never have to worry about mixing the chambers. The pen blows massive smoke clouds and does the job. I have an ext q at home and I think Im set now! Thanx Dtx, I have my full vape setup.

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